Design, a descriptive term that falls short of the mark.

Learn to Listen . . .  Opportunity sometimes knocks very softly.”

Learn to Listen . . . Opportunity sometimes knocks very softly.”

With years of experience in a wide variety of mediums, the question of whether or not we can make something happen, fabricate something in new or old materials, provide solutions to environmental concerns, or simply provide what is best for the project at hand, is secondary.

It’s not the ‘What’, it’s the ‘How’!

More importantly, with a focused knowledge base in human systems, the psychology of the visual arts, as well as years of experience considering all sides of every installation, we design for the best possible outcome first. We insist in almost every case to be in direct contact with the client and/or the end-user to be sure we better understand what they are hoping to accomplish. It’s of the utter most importance that everyone involved in the project can claim some ownership of it when the dust has settled.

Often we’ll provide solutions and alternatives in an a la carte fashion allowing the client the freedom to pick and choose according to their budget and desires. For most projects we typically provide options and choices that the client had never thought of before.

Design/Build saves time, money, and headaches

In most cases our studio can produce and install the elements we design or recommend. This means less “Chefs in the Kitchen” and a straight line of communication between you, the client, and us. There’s no room for the “whisper down the lane” where ideas get foggy or misconstrued. And because there are less, (or no other), contractors involved, there isn’t a line of people waiting to step on your costs as they pass by. We keep a low profile, low, overhead studio at Somers. We’re equally focused on the enjoyment of life as we are on being the most reliable and creative resource in your toolbox.